The principle of led lighting

2019-12-10 14:35 LED-HELLO
Now it is said that led lamp beads believe that many people know what it is used for. LED lamp beads say that the light-emitting diodes are made of semiconductor materials to directly convert electrical energy into light energy, and the electric signals are converted into light signals. The most important thing in the use of SMD bead is heat dissipation. According to the lamp beads produced by different manufacturers, the package glue used is different. Pay attention to the time and temperature in the early baking, and pay attention to the patch temperature in the later stage, but many people I don't know the principle of LED lamp bead illuminating. The following is the professional of Luming Optoelectronics to analyze the principle of LED lamp bead illumination:

   The principle of led lamp illuminating: the terminal voltage of the PN junction constitutes a certain barrier. When the forward bias voltage is applied, the barrier decreases, and the majority carriers in the P and N regions diffuse to each other due to electron mobility than hole migration. The rate is much larger, so a large amount of electrons diffuse into the P region, which constitutes the injection of minority carriers in the P region. These electrons recombine with the holes on the valence band, and the energy obtained during the recombination is released in the form of light energy. This is the principle of LED lamp beads.

   When a current is applied to the wafer through a wire, electrons and holes are pushed into the vector sub-trap. In the quantum well, the electrons recombine with the holes, and then the energy is emitted in the form of photons. This is the principle of LED illumination. The wavelength of light, which is the color of light, is determined by the material that forms the PN junction. In addition, LED lamp beads currently have two new design concepts:

  1. Emotional lighting: designing lamps with human needs. Emotional lighting is based on people's emotions. From the perspective of people, it creates an artistic environment. The mood lighting consists of four aspects: one is environmental protection and energy conservation, the other is health, the third is intelligent, and the fourth is humanization.

  2, scene lighting: designing the lighting according to the needs of the environment, the scene lighting is based on the location, aiming to create a beautiful, beautiful lighting environment, to highlight the scene effect, so that people feel the scene atmosphere